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The beauty instrument market is confusion. How to choose a useful household RF beauty instrument

2020-06-18 09:47:00

In recent years, the wind of the beauty instrument has been blowing more and more, and many sisters around have entered the pit one after another. How to avoid lightning in the vast army of beauty instruments? Today I will give you a scientific knowledge about the RF beauty instrument, help you reasonably avoid lightning, and choose a useful household RF beauty instrument 。

Fully understand the role of RF beauty instrument

The radiofrequency beauty instrument accelerates collagen production through heat, which can make the skin more full and elastic. It can improve facial fine lines, especially shallow fine lines; improve facial contours, make the contours look firmer and clearer; although the official does not promote this effect, many people report that using this type of instrument has an improvement effect on pores; RF The heating effect can also promote the absorption of skincare products.

Be cautious to follow the trend, each instrument has its own advantages and disadvantages, just choose one of them

There are many RF beauty devices on the market. Some beauty devices have more concentrated heating points and precise action parts, but for novices, it is more difficult to get started; some RF beauty devices suitable for novices are better at controlling the temperature during use, and the body feel is more comfortable, but there are fewer gears. It is not easy to clean, and the large probe area can not take care of the detailed parts. Like this Winbo RF beauty device, with RF therapy + EMS therapy + RED BLUE LIGHT therapy, EMS stimulates the muscle to activate, promote blood circulation; Radio Frequency Activate collagen regeneration, improves collagen fiber elasticity and blood circulation; 9, 500r/m Vibration for skin tightening. LED light therapy, Red light(625+3nm): whitening, lightening spots, blue light(465+3nm): oil control, anti-acne, /inflammation, green light(525+3nm): repair calm skin, after-sun repair. This is a multi-functional beauty instrument, you deserve one.

Beauty instrument is a long-term effective investment, the important thing is to stick to it yourself

For everyone, the rate of collagen fiber regeneration and the nutritional status of the collagen raw material in the body is different, so the effect after everyone uses it is different. It is important to know that although the RF beauty instrument is effective for fine lines and relaxation, because of the low power of household instruments, the regeneration of collagen requires a certain amount of time, so it needs long-term persistence to have better results. Three days of fishing and two days of drying nets can save money.

In the end, I hope that all of you can understand that only by knowing their needs can they make better choices. When using the RF beauty instrument, remember to use it according to the method, frequency, and length of the instruction manual. It is possible to reduce it according to the actual situation. Don’t blindly increase the frequency or duration of use~